Bay Area Rapid Transit Adopts Anime Mascots

Your friendly companion throughout the Bay Area

BART announced the release of five BART- and Bay Area-themed anime mascots that will help us in our mission to promote public transportation use, especially among youth riders — a growing and reliable ridership demographic. The mascots were the result of an open call for California-based artists BART released in Summer 2022. The call was wildly popular, receiving nearly 500 submissions. Following the call, BART worked with selected artists to conceptualize and create the mascots, which will serve as BART’s friendly and approachable avatars.


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Duolingo Announces Collaboration with Crunchyoll

To celebrate the sixth anniversary of its Japanese course, Duolingo is adding almost 50 anime-inspired phrases to the curriculum. Japanese is the third most popular language for English speakers on the Duolingo app, and nearly a third of learners cite fun as their motivation for studying the language. This suggests that anime and video games may be motivating factors for some users.

FanimeCon Announces Guest Hirokatsu Kihara

4869726F6B61747375204B6968617261Hirokatsu Kihara (Chief Production Officer/Author) is a highly accomplished industry veteran, with a career spanning several decades. During his time at Studio Ghibli, he worked closely with Miyazaki and played an integral role in the production of several critically acclaimed and commercially successful films, including Laputa: Castle in the Sky, My Neighbor Totoro, and Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Mr. Kihara opened a new chapter in his career as an author of horror stories. He has written many stories that have been adapted into TV series and movies. Mr. Kihara’s most significant project in recent years is a collaboration book with horror manga artist Junji Itoh, titled Mimi-no-Kaidan. This is the first time Kihara has been a Guest of Honor at FanimeCon. FanimeCon happens Memorial Day weekend May 26–29, 2023.

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