Comiket Cancelled by Coronavirus

Continuing outbreak causes organizers to call off dojinshi event for the first time in its 45-year-history. Since its inception in 1975, this is the first time for Comiket to be cancelled. The spring event would have been the convention’s 98th iteration, but the decision to cancel it is undoubtedly a wise one.

Source: Comiket cancelled as coronavirus knocks off Tokyo’s biggest otaku celebration | SoraNews24 -Japan News-

Universal Studios Japan New VR Attractions

Join in Lupin’s latest adventure presented with XR Technology.

The world’s top theme park event celebrating Manga has returned for 2019. Universal Studios Japan has launched its latest Universal Cool Japan event.

Get in the action with your favorite characters
at Unversal Studios Japan

The fifth annual event features Detective Conan and Lupin the Third which runs through June 23rd. Attack on Titan, Godzilla, Evangelion, and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon will be featured from May 31st through August 25th.

For the event, Universal has transformed its indoor Mack spinning coaster Space Fantasy – The Ride into “Lupin the Third Car Chase XR Ride.”