The Future of Social Tech: Nurturing Skills and Markets for Social Impact Innovation

Join the Japan Program and the Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center (APARC) of Stanford University for a live streamed conference on February 23, 2023.

A gathering of Japanese and American entrepreneurs, investors, content creators, and educators to share lessons and best practices to accelerate innovation for social impact, or “social tech.” Attendees will have the opportunity to tap into environments optimal for developing skills and markets for social tech through the lens of movers and shakers in the fields of technology, music, business, research, and education.

From climate change action to pandemic response and preparedness, and from sustainable industrialization to lifelong well-being and the workforce of the future, the world is hungry for strategies and solutions that benefit people and the planet while supporting economic growth and prosperity. This kind of innovation for social impact requires societies to promote purpose- and potential-driven approaches to human capital development grounded in agility, creativity, and risk-taking.

Focusing on these issues, the conference seeks to catalyze and cultivate partnerships in social tech between Japan and the United States – two of the most important sources of globally successful technological advancements and contents development in the past half-century. Panel discussions, fireside chats, and Q&A sessions will spotlight practices for igniting enterprising minds and lessons to inspire current and future innovators in both countries and beyond.

Source: The Future of Social Tech: Nurturing Skills and Markets for Social Impact Innovation

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