Nvidia’s Rendering of the Tokyo Tech Supercomputer.

The Tokyo Institute of Technology announced they will be using NVIDIA’s accelerated computing platform to build their new TSUBAME3.0 AI supercomputer. The TSUBAME3.0, is expected to deliver more than two times the performance of its predecessor, TSUBAME2.5, and will be equipped with Nvidia’s Pascal-based Tesla P100 GPUs. The supercomputer will excel in AI computation, expected to deliver more than 47 PFLOPS of AI horsepower. When operated concurrently with TSUBAME2.5, it is expected to deliver 64.3 PFLOPS, making it Japan’s highest performing AI supercomputer.


Satoshi Matsuoka, professor of the High Performance Computing Systems Group, GSIC, at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, presents the TSUBAME3.0 server node.

Tokyo Tech’s Satoshi Matsuoka, a professor of computer science who is building the system said, “NVIDIA’s broad AI ecosystem, including thousands of deep learning and inference applications, will enable Tokyo Tech to begin training TSUBAME3.0 immediately to help us more quickly solve some of the world’s once unsolvable problems.”

The revolutionary NVIDIA Pascal architecture is purpose-built to be the engine of computers that learn, see and simulate the world.

Source: Japan Keeps Accelerating With TSUBAME3.0 AI Supercomputer

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